Former reporter shot at in Gaza

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The Age/Emma Young/13.4.2024

Another ‘accident’ – I think not – Israel has continued with their ‘shoot to kill’ policy on innocents – Mark

An Australian former reporter for this masthead, now working for the United Nations Children’s Fund, is lucky to be alive after being shot at in Gaza.

Tess Ingram, who worked for the Australian Financial Review’s Perth bureau and then this masthead before moving to New York to work for the United Nations in 2022, was in a UNICEF vehicle waiting to enter the north of Gaza when it was hit by live ammunition.

The three UNICEF and UNRWA cars were in convoy on a coordinated mission to deliver fuel to water wells in the north, and lifesaving nutrition and medical supplies to Kamal Adwan Hospital.

They left Rafah after some delays, got to a holding point before the checkpoint at Wadi Gaza, to a holding point where UN vehicles are made to wait until the checkpoint is ready to receive them, Ingram told Al Jazeera.

‘‘We were waiting there when gunfire broke out in the vicinity,’’ she said. ‘‘The gunfire came from the direction of the checkpoint towards civilians, who then ran away from the checkpoint, and the gunfire hit us. We were really lucky. We had some colleagues outside of the car checking a mechanical problem with the truck when the fire broke out, and they had to run back to our armoured vehicle. Fortunately, they were safe.

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