Israeli commander in fatal strike on aid workers a settler who wanted to block humanitarian supplies into Gaza/Paul Nuki, Lilia Sebouai and Samuel Lovett/April 12, 2024

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And we are supposed to believe this murdering of innocent aid workers was an accident – even totally biased supporters of this illegal genocide must see the claims of the Government are all lies – just as everything they say is – Mark

The most senior IDF commander dismissed for his role in the drone strike that killed seven aid workers in Gaza is a settler who signed an open letter in January calling for the territory to be deprived of aid, it can be revealed.

A senior British lawyer said its contents – including a call for a “siege” of Gaza City – should be considered by the Israeli authorities investigating the killings.
Colonel Nochi Mandel signed an open letter in January calling for the flow of aid into Gaza to be restricted.

An investigation by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) characterised the strikes as a “grave mistake” but concluded there was no intentional harm. “Those who approved the strike were convinced that they were targeting armed Hamas operatives and not WCK employees,” it said.

In the letter, Mandel, a religious nationalist who lives in a settlement in the occupied West Bank, called, with more than 130 other reserve officers and commanders, for the flow of aid into Gaza to be restricted.

The letter was sent on January 20 to the Israeli War Cabinet and the IDF chief of staff and implored them to “do everything in your power” not to allow “humanitarian supplies and the operation of hospitals inside Gaza City” following its evacuation.

The idea was to lay siege to the area until the estimated 130 Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Gaza were returned.

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