Muslim organisation accuses Australian Jewish Association of ‘incitement to violence’

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(The Australian, 9/5/2024)

Any criticism of murder by Israel is now antisemitism – what do we call the murder???? – Mark

One of the country’s largest Muslim organisations has accused the Australian Jewish Association of “blatant incitement to violence”.

In a post to X on Tuesday, the Australian Jewish Association condemned the pro-Palestine encampment protests on Australian university campuses as “Nazi encampments”.

“We never condone anything illegal but with the Albanese Govt and university heads missing in action, nobody should be surprised if members of the public take matters into their own hands,” the post continued.

“Ordinary people are disgusted by the support for terrorism being expressed by the racist activists, occupying Australian universities.

“Because Labor is so weak on combating terror and fighting anti-Semitism, we may sadly see some of the violence that has occurred overseas.”

The Lebanese Muslim Association on Wednesday said it had referred the post to police.

“The LMA condemns any form of hate speech or incitement to violence, which has the potential to endanger lives and sow discord within communities,” a statement read.

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