Netanyahu dismisses election calls as thousands protest in Tel Aviv

God, have mercy on the people of Gaza

Palestinian Christians in Australia

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South Africa urges ICJ to consider action on Israel’s planned Rafah assault

World Court asked to order additional emergency measures ahead of an assault on Gaza city crammed with displaced people. Thank heavens at least one country in this sad world is prepared to stand against Genocide and Apartheid – bless you South Africa – Mark South Africa says it has asked the World Court to consider whether Israel’s plan to extend its offensive in the Gaza Strip into the densely populated southern city of Rafah requires additional emergency measures to protect Palestinians. The International Court of

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Court orders Netherlands to halt delivery of fighter jet parts to Israel

The court noted a clear risk that the parts are being used in ‘serious violations of international humanitarian law’. Bless the court for trying – sadly the government being so extremely right wing will keep appealing and appealing until its too late – Mark A Dutch court has ordered the government to halt the delivery of parts for F-35 fighter jets used by Israel in its bombardment of the Gaza Strip. The verdict, delivered by an appeals court on Monday, said there is a “clear

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APAN urges the Australian Government take tangible steps to prevent genocide in Gaza following joint ceasefire statement with Canada and New Zealand

Feb 16, 2024 The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) welcomes today’s joint Australian, Canadian and New Zealand statement urging Israel to refrain from furthering its catastrophic military offensive in Rafah and urges the Australian Government to take tangible steps to prevent genocide in Gaza. Words are not enough. APAN acknowledges and echoes the government’s expression of grave concern for Palestinians trapped in Rafah  as Israel prepares to double down on its genocidal campaign in Gaza.   Israel’s brutality has resulted in more than 100,000 Palestinians killed,

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Trapped in Rafah, plunged into darkness, living in deadly limbo

(The Age, 14/2/2024) How do you murder 1.4 million people? Answer – ask Israel to provide a safe space then bomb the hell out of it, evil, evil, evil – Mark Before the war, five people lived in Mohanad Alsaadawi’s family home in Rafah. There are now 31 people huddled beneath its roof as the last “safe” place in Gaza waits for Israel to launch what could be its deadliest military offensive. The mass of people crammed into a two-storey house, most of them having

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Rarely if ever has Australia or the US said no to Israel. Now is the time

Unless a way towards Palestinian independence is opened, the region will remain a cauldron seething with tensions constantly threatening to erupt The Guardian | Peter George | 13 February 2024 There is no way Dutton will ever see Palestinians as humans with rights because there is no votes or political gain for him – this has to be down to Albanese and Wong to lead from the front – Mark If foreign policy is predicated on self-interest, then now’s the time for Australian political parties

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Israel rescues two hostages in Rafah, as health officials say 67 people killed by air strikesABC / Reuters | 12 February 2024

Thank God for the release of the 2 hostages – shame 67 innocents had to be killed to achieve it – maybe Israel could get all hostages released if it stopped the genocide and made a deal with Hams – Mark Israel has launched a special forces operation that freed two Israeli hostages in Rafah amid air strikes, which local health officials said killed 67 people and wounded dozens in the southern Gaza city. A joint operation by the Israel Defense Forces, Israel’s domestic Shin

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Sabeel Wave of Prayer

12 February 2024 The 14th of February marks for many Christians worldwide Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday symbolizes the first day of Lent and is traditionally observed with fasting and abstinence from meat and other animal products. Ash Wednesday derives its name from this practice, in which placement of ashes on the forehead is accompanied by the words, “for dust you are and to dust you will return.” Lent is a period of lament which ends with the great celebration of Easter. Ÿ Crucified Christ, in this season

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