PM backs latest strikes on Houthis

The Age/David Crowe/5.2.2024

Why oh why is Albanese now joining the USA and the UK in starting World War 3 – the aim of Israel for some time to deflect attention from their own genocide. If only these leaders would work for peace in such a hard way – Mark

Australia has backed the United States over its missile strikes against militias backed by Iran in the wake of a drone attack that killed three American troops and wounded dozens of others in Jordan last week.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese called the latest strikes ‘‘appropriate’’ and repeated his call for a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine, while suggesting that any Palestinian state would have to be demilitarised to avoid conflict.

His comments came after the US and Britain struck 36 Houthi targets in Yemen with support from Australia in a second wave of assaults meant to disable Iran-backed groups that have attacked American and international interests after the Israel-Hamas war.

The latest strikes against the Houthis were launched by warships and fighter jets. They follow an air assault in Iraq and Syria on Saturday that targeted other Iranianbacked militias and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in retaliation for the drone strike that killed the American troops.

‘‘We support the actions of the United States. These are proportionate. These are retaliatory for the actions of Iran-backed organisations. And they are not an escalation,’’ Albanese said yesterday.

‘‘We think that the United States has got it right. It’s important that, given the attacks that have occurred by groups backed by Iran, there be a response. There has been.’’

Asked whether Australia would recognise a Palestinian state in the event Israel did not do so, Albanese emphasised that Israel had an interest in its security.

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