‘There will be no day after’: hopes fade to end war in shattered, traumatised Gaza

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Across the Middle East, a painful realisation is dawning – there will be no clean truce to hostilities

The Guardian | Jason Burke | 24 March 2024

How can there be a ‘day after’. Israel has been committing war and genocide under an apartheid regime for over 75 years and Netanyahu has already stated they will never stop until Hamas – for Hamas read all Palestinians – are destroyed – Mark

Six months ago, Hussein al-Auda had a good job with a big international non-governmental organisation (NGO), a new baby, two curious and clever older children and a small house in Gaza City.

Now the 37-year-old is alone in Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost city, living in a half-derelict block of flats, looking after his elderly parents.

He spent his life savings to get his wife and children out of the territory to Egypt and is living on tinned beans handed out by the same, now struggling NGO that he worked for. His car and home were destroyed in an airstrike and another attack killed a dozen members of his extended family.

Despite the possibility that a UN resolution calling for an end to hostilities may eventually be passed and with indirect talks in Qatar about a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel continuing, Auda does not think any real peace will come soon.

“Everything has an end, but [at] its end, which is far away, a new war will begin,” he told the Observer.

Among Israelis, Palestinians and across the Middle East, a slow and painful realisation is gaining ground. Almost six months after the surprise attacks by Hamas that triggered the war in Gaza, it is now becoming clear that there will be no “day after”.

Many are now convinced there will be no clean end to the hostilities that initially killed more than 1,100 Israelis, mostly civilians, in Hamas’s raids into Israel in October, then at least 32,000 in Israel’s ensuing military offensive.

Moves to bring a ceasefire may lead to a momentary pause before violence and the acute humanitarian crisis in Gaza continue, albeit at a perhaps lower rhythm and intensity, possibly for years to come.

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