Mideast Peace = Peace of Jerusalem = World Peace

Click here: Alternate Focus Home.  Remember Miko?  Based in San Diego, Alternate Focus (AF) is a 501c3 educational media group promoting an alternative view of Middle Eastern issues.  More people should be informed about this website.  Click on:  “Bring us to your local station.”  Check out the extraordinary videos in AF’s Screening Room.  There’s a postscript.



P.S.   Does everybody know how to circulate a video found on the Internet?  It’s easy.  Click on the little red heart nearest you.  When a window pops up, click on “Insert in Mail”.

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South Africa seeks justice for Gaza

I’m republishing this post from my friend, Dr Chandra Muzaffar – president of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST). Chandra has been a long-term advocate for Palestine and is one of the best-informed people on the subject that I have ever met. Father Dave

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A prophetic word on Gaza from Dr Ralph Wilde

Dr. Ralph Wilde is a member of the Faculty of Laws at University College London. He is currently engaged in an interdisciplinary research project, funded by the European Research Council, on the extraterritorial application of international human rights law, called ‘human rights beyond borders’.

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